Are You Prepared For A Medical Emergency?

Medical Care

It can be difficult to know when to seek medical emergency care and stressful to deal with a trip to the emergency room in Mansfield. Fortunately, most people don’t have to spend much time in an ER, but it doesn’t make it any easier to handle when worried about loved ones or family. Here are a few ways to make sure you are prepared for an unexpected medical emergency:

Stay On Top Of Medications
The first step in preparing for any medical emergency is to create a list of current medications and allergies. Would you be able to list out all prescriptions and dosages for a loved one in a stressful situation? While your primary care physician and specialists have detailed charts and office notes, emergency medical staff rely on patients for these details. Whether it’s written down and kept in your wallet or saved on your phone, details of medications and past surgeries help doctors avoid future complications.

Spare No Details
The best part about talking to emergency medical professionals is that they have probably already seen your symptoms or issue before in their career. No matter how strange or embarrassing it might seem to you, every symptom helps your doctor find a diagnosis and start treatment. While it might feel uncomfortable to you, giving medical staff the full picture helps expedite your recovery.

Be Prepared For Follow-ups
Sometimes a trip to the emergency room in Hurst means the medical issue is identified and resolved quickly, sometimes it means you need a treatment plan that spans days or weeks. Low back pain could mean a kidney stone that needs surgery to clear up, or it could be a simple infection a few days of antibiotics will clear up. Regardless of the diagnosis, make sure to take your discharge instructions and follow-up care seriously. Feeling better doesn’t mean a follow-up visit isn’t necessary, just make sure to communicate your symptoms clearly.

24/7 Medical Emergency Care in Mansfield
From pediatric to adult emergencies we have the best equipment and medical staff to provide you and your family the care you deserve. 

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