How to Tell the Difference Between a Sore Throat and Strep

 Sore Throat and Strep Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield

No one wants to be sick. We lose so much time when we’re not feeling well, and this includes missing work, social events, and spending time with our friends and family. But there are obvious degrees of illness, and some conditions are worse than others and may require a doctor’s visit and medication.

A sore throat is one of those issues that can be something minor or the symptom of something more serious. If there is ever any concern or question about your health, do not hesitate to come in and see the doctors and staff here at Trusted Medical Centers in Mansfield, Texas.

We’ll sit with you and go through your symptoms, and after a thorough examination, we’ll determine what is wrong and the best course of action. We’ll can take care of many of your medical needs under one roof.

Sore throat symptoms

While there are symptoms of a sore throat, a sore throat itself can be a symptom of strep throat, or something else. Let us guide you through some things to watch. And if any symptoms persist or get worse, come in to see us sooner instead of later. While these symptoms are obvious, they are well worth pointing out:

You can track your own symptoms and know when it is time to come in and see us, but if your child is experiencing a sore throat and is having trouble breathing or swallowing, you should get him or her in right away.

Adults can take a more wait-and-see approach, at least for a day or so, but don’t wait too long or until you are much, much worse. It is always better to have the right information and a correct diagnosis.

When a sore throat is strep throat

Strep throat is nothing to mess around with, and should be treated right away. While most sore throats are not strep throat, if strep is left untreated, it can cause major complications that can damage the kidneys, joints, or even the heart.

Strep throat is definitely more common in children, but clearly it is something they can easily share with us. In addition to the sore throat symptoms above, keep an eye out for the following signs that your sore throat might be strep:

You may also have a rash and feel nauseous.

Testing for strep throat is a quick and easy process and you will know the results right away. Call us, or make an appointment online. You will always get expert care at Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield, a medical center you can call your own.

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