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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: All Your Questions Answered

If you know anything about scuba diving, you may know that a hyperbaric chamber is used for treating decompression sickness. But this controlled environment has many other medical uses, from healing wounds to stopping sudden vision loss.

At Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield, our hyperbaric medicine team, led by Dr. Benjamin Crabb, is ready to help you get the healing you need. Our state-of-the-art medical hospital is equipped with the technology you need to tackle injury and illness, including a hyperbaric center and an advanced wound care center. 

While our Texas clinic may be far from the ocean and scuba diving, our hyperbaric center is critical for treating multiple conditions where time is of the essence. Here’s a look at how hyperbaric therapy works and when it’s called into action.

Under pressure

Hyperbaric therapy happens in a controlled environment that allows delivery of oxygen into your body at a pressure several times greater than normal. To understand the significance of this, let’s step back and take a look at how your body operates under normal circumstances. 

Each of the 37.2 trillion cells in your body requires a fresh supply of oxygen at all times for survival. To accomplish this enormous task, your respiratory and circulatory systems work in tandem — you breathe oxygen in and your blood delivers it to your cells. Your blood also picks up the waste (carbon monoxide) and delivers it back to your lungs for expulsion through exhaling.

Under normal circumstances, the air pressure inside your body controls how quickly the oxygen enters your cells, and this system works just fine.

When you have a problem that requires not only more oxygen, but a much higher and more forceful absorption rate, hyperbaric therapy is the solution. By delivering oxygen at an air pressure that’s higher than normal, it pushes the oxygen into your cells more quickly. 

This is important when you’re suffering from a condition that needs an immediate boost in resources.

What hyperbaric therapy is used for

While hyperbaric therapy is only used in very specific situations, we understand that timing is crucial when the need does arise. This is the main reason why we offer a hyperbaric center. 

Some of the reasons why Dr. Crabb may prescribe hyperbaric therapy include:

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it gives you an idea of the instances when hyperbaric therapy can make all the difference. By compelling life-giving oxygen to circulate and get absorbed quickly into your body, Dr. Crabb and our team are able to halt many conditions in their tracks and give your body crucial time to heal.

The bottom line is that by equipping ourselves with this capability, Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield’s hyperbaric center can truly help save lives. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (817) 225-4809 or visit us directly -- our doors are open 24/7!

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