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Living with Chronic Pain

When you have chronic pain, every day is a major effort. Chronic pain doesn’t heal like acute pain does. After an injury such as a sprained ankle, you may lose mobility and hurt for a while – but the injury heals and you get on with your normal activities in a few weeks or months.

With chronic pain, the healing process never ends, and pain isn’t a symptom of something else, it’s a diagnosis all on its own. Pain infiltrates every day and every aspect of life, including bathing, working, walking, and eating. Pain contributes to your personal stress and frustration. You may feel hopeless or resentful of your suffering. It’s also normal to experience anxiety and even depression at times. If you have these emotional reactions to your pain, talk to the doctors at Trusted Medical Centers so we can help you get through them. 

We take your pain seriously

Chronic pain is an “invisible illness.” You look healthy on the outside, but you’re suffering on the inside. As a result, medical professionals often fail to take chronic pain seriously. They think you’re faking it or exaggerating, especially if there’s no obvious cause. Since they don’t know how to help you, they send you away – often saying the pain is all in your head.

At Trusted Medical Centers, we understand chronic pain and know that it’s very real. We treat you with compassion and know the toll living with chronic pain takes on your emotional, mental, and physical health. We want to bring you the best quality of life possible, understanding that curing your pain isn’t the goal. The goal, instead, is to help you learn to live with your condition and minimize pain as much as possible.

Chronic pain is complex

You may feel powerless in the face of pain, but we can help you combat it and thrive. Traditional medical interventions, such as medications and injections, may be part of your pain treatment, but we offer other strategies as well.

A multi-faceted approach to managing your chronic pain includes physical therapy and lifestyle changes that might include your diet, physical activity habits, and stress management.

We may look at how you spend your day – are you mostly sitting in a vehicle or behind a desk, or do you have to stand much of the day? We can help you adapt your work or home space so it doesn’t aggravate your condition. We work with you to help avoid flare-ups so you can be as comfortable and productive as possible.

The doctors and support staff at the practice also provide guidance on healthy sleep habits and how to break your reliance on substances such as alcohol and nicotine. All of these can negatively affect your pain levels. 

Trusted Medical Centers wants nothing more than for you to overcome pain and enjoy life as much as possible. If you suffer from chronic pain, we provide compassionate care that helps you be the best you possible. Call us at 817-225-4809 or book online today.

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