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Lab testing continues to remain at the forefront of the diagnostic process. Because your lab results provide much-needed information for your physician, Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield has an on-site lab for inpatient and outpatient needs, so you can get your testing and even your results all under one roof. Book your lab appointment at this Mansfield, Texas, hospital by calling the clinic.

Labs Q & A

Which types of labs do I need?

Laboratory testing involves analyzing your blood or urine — sometimes both — to see if you have an underlying infection or chronic condition, or to check the function of vital organs. Depending on your health assessment and any current symptoms, your doctor may order any of the following labs.

  • Liver panel to assess your liver function
  • Hemoglobin A1C to diagnose or monitor diabetes
  • Complete blood count (CBC) to evaluate your overall health
  • Lipid panel to check your cholesterol levels and heart disease risk
  • Prothrombin time (PT) to measure how long it takes for your blood to clot
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone to screen and monitor your thyroid functions
  • Basic metabolic panel to check your kidney function, blood sugar, and electrolytes

A urinalysis can check for infections, including a urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection. It’s also sometimes ordered to monitor diabetes or kidney disease.

What happens during lab testing?

Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield proudly offers both inpatient and outpatient laboratory services right at the hospital, so you can get the results you need fast. During a blood test, your technician checks your arms to search for a healthy vein that appears to have good blood flow.

They may place an elastic band around your arm to encourage veins to stand out. Once your phlebotomist finds a vein, they swab the injection site with alcohol and insert the small needle. You might feel a small pinch from the needle, but a blood draw shouldn’t cause you pain.

If you need multiple types of blood testing, your technician may change out the blood vial several times. Once your blood draw is complete — it only takes a couple of minutes — you get a bandage over the injection site.

If you need a urinalysis, you simply need to have enough urine in your bladder to be able to produce at least a couple of ounces of urine into a specimen cup.

How do I prepare for lab testing?

The team at Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield talks with you before your lab testing to let you know if you have to make any special preparations. For example, if you’re having a cholesterol test, you might need to fast for a few hours beforehand. The same is true for certain types of diabetes blood tests.

For a urinalysis, you need to make sure you drink plenty of water before your test. You’re welcome to sit and drink in the waiting room if you haven’t had a chance to drink enough beforehand.

If you need laboratory testing, you can schedule a visit at Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield today. Call the hospital directly.

We are currently open and here to serve you! We are a low traffic facility with all the proper protocols.