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Wound Care Center

Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield

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Without proper medical intervention, wounds can progress and develop into serious limb-threatening issues. At Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield, you can receive comprehensive treatment for complex sores in the hospital’s state-of-the-art wound care center. The wound care specialists at this Mansfield, Texas, clinic offer the most innovative wound solutions so you can recover as quickly as possible. You can conveniently schedule your wound evaluation over the phone.

Wound Care Center Q & A

What causes wounds?

Wounds are common and are generally nothing to worry about. But non-healing wounds can be problematic since they can increase your chances of gangrene and even amputation. Your risk of developing non-healing pressure sores, surgical wounds, ulcers, or another type of wound increases due to:

  • Diabetes
  • Poor nutrition
  • Nerve damage
  • Poor circulation
  • Weakened immune system

These serious types of wounds can also worsen if you’re inactive or immobile, or if you smoke cigarettes.

Why do I need a wound care center?

You may need to visit the wound care center at Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield if you have a severe wound or burn that isn’t properly healing, or that’s healing too slow. In general, you may need to visit a wound care center if you have an open sore that hasn’t:

  • Started to heal within a two-week period
  • Isn’t completely healed within six weeks
  • Is inflamed, warm to the touch, or oozing pus

These are all warning signs that your wound is likely seriously infected and requires specialized wound care treatment and management.

Which type of wound care treatment do I need?

At Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield, you meet with specially trained wound care practitioners who are highly skilled in complex wound treatment and management. They work diligently to preserve as much of your healthy skin tissue as possible, so you can fully recover. Some of the most innovative treatments the wound care clinic offers are:

Total contact casting

Total contact casting is most commonly used to treat serious ulcers on the bottom of your foot. This treatment involves fitting a shell around your foot and leg very closely, in an effort to keep the cast as close to your foot as possible. There is a specialized soft foam layer between your ulcer and the cast that helps relieve pressure from the sore, so it can fully heal.

Intravenous (IV) therapy

Because bacteria infects many wounds, part of your wound care treatment may include IV therapy. This allows you to get the antibiotic medication you need directly to your bloodstream.

Compression therapy

Compression therapy is an essential wound treatment for most types of venous ulcers. It involves tightly wrapping your limb in an effort to reduce swelling (edema), recirculate blood to healthy vessels, and reduce the diameter of vessels. Compression therapy can also decrease inflammation.  

Post-surgical care

Many surgical procedures require sutures to seal up the incision sites. The team at Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield can monitor you if you have underlying conditions — like diabetes — that may delay your wound healing. They can even help if your surgical wounds are healing slowly.

Lymphedema treatment

Lymphedema refers to the severe swelling that can occur in your extremities as a result of damage to your lymph nodes after cancer treatment. Treatment often includes several types of therapies including light exercises, compression wrapping or garments, or massage therapy.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an innovative solution that involves breathing pure oxygen in a specialized pressurized enclosure. Because injured tissues require extra oxygen to survive, hyperbaric therapy is a way to dramatically increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream to promote healing.  

At Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield, your dedicated wound specialist combines any of these wound therapies to ensure your wound heals as efficiently as possible. They have extended hours, complimentary transportation within a limited radius, and personalized nutrition support services, so you can have an all-encompassing wound-healing experience.

Trusted Medical Centers - Mansfield is home to a state-of-the-art wound care center. Book your exam by calling the hospital to learn more.

We are currently open and here to serve you! We are a low traffic facility with all the proper protocols.